Friday, February 20, 2015

American Idol 14: Hollywood Showcase #1 and 2 and The Final Judgement

There are 48 contestants left in the running for this year's American Idol title. TPTB have not actually told us the names of all of the Top 48, and seeing how we seem to be on the fast track with the shows this season, it's just not going to happen.

This week Idol cut the contestants from 48 down to 24. Next week live performances and viewers votes start.

For the shows Idol shows clips of the contestants live showcase at LA's House of Blues as well as Hollywood Week performances as the contestants head into "The Final Judgement." Here's the contestants advancing:

Michael Simeon
Loren Lott
Adam Ezegelian
Lovey James
Adanna Duru
Maddie Walker
Clark Beckham
Daniel Seavey
Tyanna Jones
Rayvon Owen
Shannon Berthiaume

Joey Cook
Katherine Winston
Alexis Gomez
Quentin Alexander
Savion Wright
Mark Andrew
Trevor Douglas
Nick Fradiani
Sarina-Joi Crowe
Qaasim Middleton
Riley Bria
Shi Scott

So there we have it; The Top 24 for Season 14 of American Idol.
My favorites for the girls so far: Jax, Tyanna, Loren
My favorites for the guys: anyone except Adam Ezegelian.

Once again, I think the guys are the strongest in the competition. While Daniel, Trevor and Riley are extremely talented, I think Nick or Mark deserve the win the most. They have paid their dues and are both extremely talented too. As of today, Nick should win, but you never know how the viewer votes will go. It all depends on how many teenage girls decide to tune in to watch and actually vote. Next week will be very telling, and I can't wait to see what happens.

So next week, tune in to Idol on Wednesday and Thursday and get ready to vote. Unfortunately, I will be hosting company and might not be able to post anything about the show until the next week.

Friday, February 13, 2015

American Idol 14: Hollywood Week #3 and 4

Once again this is the easiest way for me to catch up on Idol for this week.

We witness the rest of the group rounds and then the solo competition.

Day #3: Those advancing to solo round.

Alexis Granville - 17 - Zachary, LA  (The Panic Attack Queen)
Jax - 18 - East Brunswick, NJ

Riley Bria - 17 - Springhill, TN
Keri Lynn Roche - 25 - Detroit, MI
Emily Brooke - 15 - West Palm Beach, FL
Jake Black

Cody Fry - 24 - Notrhfield, IL
Rayvon Owen - 23 - Richmond, VA
Piper Jones - 24 - Nashville, TN

Adanna Duru - 18 - Diamond Bar, CA
Cindy Maslov - 24 - Granite Bay, CA

Daniel Seavey - 15 - Portland, OR
Trevor Douglas - 16 - Fort Worth, TX
Savion Wright - 22 - Jasper, TX
Qaasim Middleton - 18 - Brooklyn, NY

Alexis Gomez - 22 - Dayton, OH

Loren Lott - 22 - San Diego, CA

Quentin Alexander - 20 - New Orleans, LA

Hollywood Anderson - 22 - New York, NY
Monica Pidoy

Lovey James - 16 - Portland, OR
Jess Lamb - 29 - Cincinnati, OH

Tanya MacKenna - 23 - Carlsbad, CA

Erika David - 25 - Fremont, CA
Sarina-Joi Crowe - 19 - Columbia, TN
Adrianna Simon - 24 - Las Veags, NV

Mark Andrew - 29 - Eden Prairie, MN
Katherine Winston - 18 - Lenox, MA
Alex Shier - 19 - Port Huron, MI

Several people Idol only identifies by first name:
Jelly (Joseph)
Regina (Bennett)?
Angelica ?
Gina Venier

Maddie Walker - 16 - Ankeny, IA

Joey Cook - 23 - Woodbridge, VA
Shannon Berthiaume - 17 - St Paul, MN
Naomi Tatsuoka - 24 - Portland, OR

Day #4:Solo Rounds
Cut 80 in half today.

Loren Lott
Daniel Seavey
Shi Scott
Quentin Alexander
Maddie Walker
Trevor Douglas
Michael Simeon
Nick Fradiani
Emily Brooke
Rayvon Owen
Jelly Joseph
Clark Beckham
Mark Andrew
Alexis Gomez
Shannon Berthiaume
Katherine Winston
Joey Cook
Tyanna Jones
Riley Bria
+ more

Next week the contestants perform at The House of Blues before a live audience and then they are cut to the Top 24.

So far my favorites for the girls are: Jax, Tyanna Jones, Lore Lott.
So far my favorites for the guys are: Nick Fradiani, Daniel Seavey, Clark Beckham, Michael Simeon, Trevor Douglas.  I also like Savion Wright, but they didn't tell us if he advanced or not. I sure hope so.

Beyond a few exceptions, I believe the guys are stronger again this year.

Friday, February 6, 2015

American Idol 14: Hollywood Week #1 and 2

I'm running a little behind this week so here is a rundown of the first two episodes of Idol for Hollywood Week.

The judges ask some contestants to perform first this season, but they are not telling the contestants why they are singing on day one. Ryan tells us these are some of the most memorable auditions. Of course, last season, this first performance was to cut a lot of people, so everyone is freaking out.

Included in the first performances are: Jax - 18 -East Brunswick, NJ; Mark Andrew - 29 - Eden Prairie, MN; Emily Brooke - 15 - West Palm Beach, FL; Sal Valentinetti - 19 - Bethpage, NY; Adam Ezegelian - 21 - Wantagh, NY; Tyanna Jones - 16 - Jacksonville, FL; Hollywood Anderson - 22 - New York, NY; Shannon Berthiaume - 17 - St. Paul, MN; Adam Lasher - 27 - Danville, CA; Garrett Miles - 25 - Phenix City, AL; Trevor Douglas - 16 - Fort Worth, TX; Joey Cook - 23 - Woodbridge, VA; Amber Kelechi - 16 - Memphis, TN. I see Savion Wright returning from last season is also part of this group. There are 38 in all.

Harry calls all who sang up on the stage and tells them they were among the most memorable from auditions and are all through to the next round. Everyone else sings for their lives the next day. 174 must sing, half will go home. Of course, we have to see a few meltdowns in this part, or it's not Hollywood Week.

In normal Idol style, we aren't told all of the names of the contestants going through or going home. Here are the ones we do know continue on to group rounds: Reno Anoa'i - 16 - San Francisco, CA; Jaq MacKenzie - 15 - Santa Monica, CA; Erica Washington - 24 - Mobile, AL; Casey Thrasher (not named but I recognize him from last season); Michael Simeon - 21- Lumberton, MS ; Ron Wilson - 24 - Gretna, FL; Gabby Zonneveld - 16 - St. Paul, MN; Kelley  Kime - 23 - Fairfax, VA;
Katherine Winston - 18 - Lenox, MA; Maddie Walker - 16 - Ankeny, IA; Alexis Gomez - 22 - Dayton, OH; Cody Fry - 24 - Northfield, IL; Loren Lott - 22 - San Diego, CA; Rayvon Owen - 23 - Richmond, VA; Shi Scott - 19 - Belcamp, MD; Clark Beckham - 22 - Whitehouse, TN; Daniel Seavey - 15 - Portland, OR; Qaasim Middleton - 18 - Brooklyn, NY. Also continuing: Nick Fradiani - NY Audition; Quentin Alexander - New Orleans Audition; Zack Kaltenbach - KC Audition.

Time for all-night rehearsals for group rounds, otherwise known as the meltdown round. First one with a problem is Alexis Granville. She can't find a group until Sal Valentinetti takes her in. I'm sure we will see more problems from her, but I 'm just going to report the positive.

David Oliver Willis - 23 - Mount Dora, FL (Returning from last season)
Jesse Cline - 20 - Ashland, KY
Clark Beckham
J. None - 24 - Orlando, FL (with Mr Krispy, his teddy bear)

Shi Scott
Ron Wilson
Adam Ezegelian

Maddy Hudson - 16 - Pleasanton, CA
Reno Anoa'i 
Tyanna Jones

Jaq MacKenzie
Nick Fradiani - 29 - Guilford, CT
Hunter Larson -20 - Malibu, CA
Michael Simeon

Time for Alexis Granville to faint again.

My favorites so far for personality and voice: Adam Lasher (Carlos Santana's nephew), Garrett Miles (blind since birth), Trevor Douglas (science geek), Nick Fradiani, Jaq MacKenzie.

Friday, January 30, 2015

American Idol 14: Episode #8 - San Francisco Auditions Part 2

The final installment of the audition rounds is once again from San Francisco.

Adanna Dura - 17 - California
"You And I" by Lady Gaga.  Nice voice. Very happy girl.

Hunter Larson - 20 - Malibu, CA
"That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. Gritty tone to her voice.

Tara Honda - 22 - California
"I Feel The Earth Move" by Carole King. Nice voice, fits the song well.

Daniel Seavey - 15 - Portland, OR
This kid hates it when people tell him he looks like Justin Bieber, which he kind of does. He is nothing like Bieber. He plays piano, guitar, cello, sax, drums, violin, bass, and more.
He plays piano for "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. Excellent piano skills. He is very nervous but still has moments that are fantastic. He is totally adorable. Second song on guitar. Great guitar skills too.
Harry says Daniel is not ready yet, but Keith and Jennifer give him a chance in Hollywood.

Rocky Peter - 27 - Dunbar, CA
Rocky was American born, but his father abandoned him and family and sent them back to Nigeria where they were homeless, eating from the trash. He is there to change his life.
Rocky sings an original song, "Wrong Choices" and plays guitar. He has a beautiful, very soulful voice. Keith loves him , but isn't sure Idol is right for him. He gets 3 yeses to give it a try.

Jaq MacKensie -  15 - Santa Monica, CA
Attends a Fine Arts High School. Carrying guitar, but doesn't play it on camera. Original song. Her voice sounds really young, but she looks older than 15. She seems very talented.

Tyanna Jones - 16 - Jacksonville, FL
Middle kid of 11. Family was homeless for a while and lived in a church.
"Wings" by Little Mix. She seems very shy, but loses that shyness when she sings. Good voice.
Harry says she is very talented with a lot of potential, but work to do.

And that is it for the audition rounds.

Next week we are in Hollywood with over 200 contestants melting down, I mean, vying for the Idol crown.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

American Idol 14 Auditions #7 From San Francisco

This week we have auditions from San Francisco. Again, here are the golden ticket winners from Audition show #7.

Katherine Skinner - 15 - San Francisco
Very odd young lady. Her psychic cat told her to audition. "Shake It Out" by Florence and The Machine. Not a bad voice, but an unusual character. JLo tells her she is talented, but she is "CRAY," as in crazy. Judges put her through to Hollywood.

Ryan Pinkston - 27 - San Francisco
Very smiley guy. Very exact in his performance.

Erika David - 25 - Fremont, CA
"No One" by Alicia Keys.  Keith says No, the other two yes.

Chandler Leighton - 20 - Los Angeles
"New York State of Mind"  Very good

Andrew Bloom - 17 - Yorba Linda, CA
Plays guitar. "Too Close" Good job. Good looking young man. Good spirit.

Kellyeann Rodgers - 24 - Memphis, TN
She is listed as a voice teacher and she sounds like it. And they usually don't go far on Idol. But she sounds great and is headed to Hollywood.

Reno Anoa'i - 16 - San Francisco
Plays the ukulele. Samoan ancestry and comes from a huge family. He has a very sweet voice; Hawaiian sound. I think he is talented, but too young to survive Idol's pressure.

Rayvon Owen - 23 - Richmond, VA
"Wide Awake" by Katy Perry. He has a nice tone to his voice. Major passion in the performance. Good job.

Maddy Hudson - 16 - Pleasanton, CA
Backstory says she was bullied, especially in middle school. She has a more grown up look to her and her talent level is Awesome. Kids were probably jealous of her. Insanely soulful performance. "Resentment" The judges totally loved her.

Friday, January 23, 2015

AI 14 Auditions #6: Harry Goes Home

This episode of American Idol is set in New Orleans, Harry Connick Jr's home town, and the birthplace of Jazz.

Once again, I'm only talking about the Golden Ticket winners.

Angelica "Jelly" Joseph - 26 - New Orleans
""Rollin' In The Deep"  Powerful, soulful performance. Spunky. 3 easy yeses.

Tiffany Stringer - 16 - SouthLake, Texas
Girl is in cheer and dance team in high school.  "Want You Back" by Cher Lloyd.
I didn't like it at all, but she is definitely cheerful. Harry says no, but Keith and Jennifer say yes.

Grayson Turner - 15 - Spartansburg, South Carolina
Sings in a band with his girlfriend. Plays guitar. Sings original song "Chasing Shadows." Interesting voice and nice song. Yes X 3.

Quentin Alexander - 20 - New Orleans
Definitely has a different fashion sense. Grew up in the infamous 9th ward of New Orleans. Jennifer called it half tribal, half Pilgrim. I think "Royals" is a strange song choice, although he does a good job and I love his voice. I expected a much more unusual song with more attitude. He gets 3 yeses.

Mikey Duran - 19 - New Orleans
Went to the same high school as Harry. Plays guitar. Original song "My Demise" is pretty good. Interesting voice too. Keith loves the song. 3 fast yeses.

Nalani Quintello - 19 - Orange Park, FL  - back from last season
Tori Martin - 20 - Azle, Texas - Plays guitar. Wants to be the next female country star.
Hope Windle - 24 - Hot Springs, Arkansas  - No from Harry
Alexis Chapa   - Twitter Hollywood or Home vote

Ricky Dale Hendricks - 17 - West Monroe, LA
Big Keith fan. Plays guitar. "The Thunder Rolls" Nice voice. Lots of natural raw talent. Judges really like him.

Dakota Suarez - 18 - Falfurrias, Texas
Drag Queen. Voice isn't half bad. Harry says no, voice isn't quite there. Jennifer and Keith say yes.

Adam Lasher - 27 - Danville, CA
Uncle is Carlos Santana. Adam has a broken right thumb but still plays guitar. He has a great voice and plays well, even with the broken thumb.

Erica Washington - 24 - Mobile, AL
Had a daughter at 18 and seems like a very nice classy woman. "Halo" is her song. Great dynamics, beautiful voice.  Yes X 3.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

AI 14 Auditions #5

This show the Idol team visited Minneapolis to hunt for the next American Idol.

Once again, I am only writing about the Golden Ticket winners that are headed to Hollywood.

Shannon Berthiaume - 17 - St. Paul, MN
She looks scared to death. "House Of The Rising Sun" is her tune. Very powerful, but raw performance. Yes X 3.

Montage of yeses:
Morgan Ovens - 24 - Venice, CA   Plays guitar.
Gabrielle Noe'l - 23 - Minneapolis, MN
Courtney Guns - 23 - Bemidji, MN

Vanessa Andrea - 25 - Minot, ND
Air Force wife.  Mother of 3. Plays guitar. "Some Kind of Wonderful" - raspy voice, nice laid back song.

Zach Johnson - 20 - Fargo, ND
"Don't Close Your Eyes" by Keith Whitley. A little too much imitation for Harry. Don't sing with a country accent if you don't speak with accent. Keith likes him a lot. Jennifer asks for song without the accent. Harry immediately hands him a ticket. Zach tells Keith he is trying to go to his concert in South Dakota, and Idol is there to record Keith keeping his word. "I've Got Friends In Low Places."

Aaron Bissell - 17 - Cedar Rapids, IA
Plays guitar. Coffee house performer. Mellow voice.

Cindy Jo Scholer - 26 - North Branch, MN
Outdoor enthusiast who shot a bear with a bow recently. Patsy Kline "Crazy" Too much going on with her attire and musical presentation. Keith and Harry both say yes, but lose the extra stuff.

Jacob Tolliver - 20 - Portsmouth, OH
Currently playing Jerry Lee Lewis in a show in Vegas. Plays over-the-top piano to "Great Balls Of Fire."  Harry says mimicry won't win Idol. Keith asks for him to sing himself and we get Sam Smith's "Stay."  A little too high a key for my taste, but the judges like it better. Yes X 3.

Hannah Mrozak - 16 - Richfield, WI
"Something Got A Hold Of Me" by Etta James. This girls has a powerful voice beyond her years.

Mark Andrew - 29 - Minneapolis, MN
Works for family landscape business. Has a baby at home now so its time to try out. Plays guitar.
"Soul Shin" Perfect voice for that song. Keith asks for another song. "Be Like You" from Jungle Book. His voice sounds great for this song too. Shows more range and funkiness.  Yes X 3 for Mark.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Episode 4 of American Idol 14 Audition Rounds

Idol is in Jennifer's hometown of New York for this show. Keith is out and the guest judge is Adam Lambert.

Sal Valentinetti - 19 - New York
This guy is very, very, very New York Italian. Singing "Fly Me To The Moon" by Sinatra. Sal makes $100 off of Harry since he knew the actual name of the song. He is very old-school, but has a great voice and is an interesting character. Harry says not what they are looking for. Adam says people at home will love him. Jennifer loves him. He is headed to Hollywood.

J None - 24 - Orlando, FL
Carrying his childhood teddy bear, Mr Crispy. It's for strength do to asthma.  "My Prerogative"
Not bad. Harry playing with the bear was distracting.

Jax - 18 - New Jersey
Dad is a retired NYC fireman injured at 911. Plays piano. Very beautiful version of "I Want To Hold Your Hand." Judges love her.

Najah Lewis - 20 - NY
Subway musician. Plays guitar. "Pay Phone" by Maroon 5. Interesting. Voice is good. Guitar skills are limited.

Tion Phipps - 20 - Madisonville, Kentucky
He has a decent voice and goes to Hollywood.

James Killian Dunn - 21 - Connecticut
He sings a high falsetto and Adam says no, but Harry and Jennifer put him through.  Another one to be eliminated fast in Hollywood.

Shi Scott - 19 - Maryland
Starts to freak out, but Adam talks her through it. Amy Winehouse wanna be. Needs her own style. No from Adam. Yes from Harry and Jennifer.

Eric Lopez - 19 - NY
"The Show Must Go On" by Queen.  I can't hear the melody of the song. Adam isn't blown away. Jennifer says no. Harry says yes. Eric talks Adam into a yes.

Maddie Walker - 16 - Ankeny, IA
"Suit Case" Second audition.

Courtney Zahn - 21 - NJ

Jackie Nese - 17 - NJ
"Born This Way"

Qaasim Middleton - 18 - Brooklyn, NY
Music student. Parents are both musical. Dad is in the cast of Stomp. "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder. Has guitar along but doesn't play it. Great job. Judges loved him.

Adam Ezegelian - 20 - NY
"Born To Be Wild" is a bit too wild for the judges. Adam says for something different and we get Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" which sounds great.

Katherine Winston - 18 - Massachusetts
"If I Didn't Know Better"  Plays guitar.

Travis Finlay - 20 - NY
Accepted to Berklee College of Music, but didn't get scholarship money. "Stay" Voice sounds good. A few too many runs in the song, but he has great potential.

Nick Fradiani - 28 - Connecticut
Girlfriend, Yanni, auditions first with "The Cup Song." She is good but not for Idol. Nick sings Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Plays guitar.  He's really good.

"Hollywood" Anderson - 22 - NYC
Subway musician. Sings original song, "My Best Friend." The song is great and so is he. Jennifer says she wants to record the song. "Hollywood" was homeless and a man from the shelter gave him a guitar and taught him to play. The judges love, love, love him. Harry says the best audition of New York.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

AI 14 Auditions Round 3

This episode completed the Kansas City, MO stop, including the best auditions from the 11 bus tour stops across the country.

Ronterius "Big Ron" "Big Sexy" Wilson - 24 - FL
"Let's Get It On" was sung almost exclusively to Jennifer. The guys left the room, pretending to go out for a burger. He got 3 yeas so we will see how Hollywood goes.

Ashley Lusk - 15 - MO  
Short clip of audition. Performs with guitar.  I didn't catch the song.

Josh Sanders - 26 - NC
Another short clip. Performs with guitar.

Casey Thrasher - 23 - AL
Casey was robbed last season, being eliminated at Hollywood rounds. I'm glad he has returned this season. It is not mentioned that he is a returning contestant. Once again he plays his guitar and sounds great.

Joey Cooke - 23 - VA
This girl is different and is playing the accordion. "King of Spain" is an unusual choice from a quirky young lady. She has a cool voice and the judges warn not to be too far out there.

Alexis Gomez - 22 - OH
This girl describes herself as hippie/country/hillbilly. She is good on her guitar and has a decent country voice on "Little White Church." Keith says no, but Jennifer and Harry say yes.

Anton Bushner - 19 - KS
He is a huge Keith fan and sings Keith's "Tonight I Wanna Cry." Sounds very country, because he is. He's a farmhand. The judges love him.

Stephanie Gummelt - 18 - MO
She plays the guitar and performs an original song. Very strange squeaky voice when talking. Not so bad singing. Harry says no, Keith and Jennifer say yes.

Ellen Peterson - 22 - Branson, MO
Ellen plays banjo, so of course her audition song is "I Want To Be A Cowboy Sweetheart." She is pretty, has a good voice and good banjo skills. The judges love her a lot.

Kohlton Pascal - 21 - NY
Kohlton plays guitar and travels around the country playing music to make enough to ride the bus to the next location. Basically, he is homeless. He sings an original song. He has a deep, dark voice. I'm not sure he will fit in with Idol and each of the judges warn him of this, but they are willing to give him a try. I actually hope it works out for him.

The only non-golden ticket winner I will mention here is a young lady named Ashley Stehle. She is 15 and both of her parents have been deaf her whole life. Her father recently was fitted with new technology so that he can finally hear her sing. Sadly, she has problems staying on key when singing a cappella so the judges say no. They agree she has a nice voice, but she needs more training before she auditions for something like this show.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Round 2 of AI 14 Auditions

The second round of AI auditions started off in Nashville and end in Kansas City. Again, here are the golden ticket winners.

Andrew Annello - 22 - Alabama
He's an actor with ADHD. Yes, he is.
"Signed, Sealed, Delivered"  Not a bad voice, but way too much silliness and Harry calls him out on it. Harry asks for something serious and Andrew gives them a much better version of "My Girl."
Yes x 3

Loren Lott - 21 - San Diego, CA
Loren is an actress. I see a theme for the night.
"Treasure" by Bruno Mars is delivered much like Andrew delivered "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," with too much theatrics. Harry wants something else more her. Keith asks what she would sing if she were home washing the dishes and the girl proceeds to at out washing the dishes and singing. I don't like her voice, but Keith and JLo say yes.

Trevor Douglas - 16 - Fort Worth, TX
Finally a guy with a guitar, not an actor. This kid is a science geek. Seriously, a geek. JLo even refers to him as a geek. He's pretty good singing "Sing" by Ed Sheeran. No problem with the falsetto part at all. Yes x 3

Piper Jones - 24 - Nashville, TN
We don't get to see very much of this girls audition, but we have just enough to tell this girl can SANG.

Kelley Kime - 23 - Fairfax, VA
Kelley comes with her 3 yr old cutie-pie daughter Hope, who is allowed to sing, yep - you guessed it, "Let It Go." The judges give the kiddo a golden ticket and pray her mom is good too. Fortunately, she is pretty good on "Sunday Morning." I doubt mom would have actually advanced if her daughter wasn't there. Look for much more back-story material from this single mom.

Garrett Miles - 26 - Alabama
Garrett has been blind since birth. Dad is along as his roadie.
"Proud Mary" countrified version. Garrett has a nice original voice and plays guitar really well too.
He tells JLO he loved her in Selena, and asks to play "Como La Flor" for her. He's even better on that song. I love this guy already, but I do wonder if he will be able to handle the strangeness of Idol. I hope so.

Clark Beckham - 22 - Tennessee
Clark is a street performer in Nashville. Yep, that's with a guitar.
He has an atypical song choice, "This Is A Man's World."  He has a decent voice, but I agree with Keith; he needed more intensity in the performance.

Gina Venier - 24 - IL
This gal is a one-man-band. She comes equipped with a guitar, a cajon, and a shaker. She uses the cajon (the wooden sound box in the percussion family) and shaker on "Put The Gun Down." Its a funky performance. That's a good thing in her case. She shows great rhythm and has a distinctive voice. Think original, like my favorite Jessica Meuse from last season.

Alex Shier - 19 - MI
White guy with guitar. JLo remembers him from last season's auditions and says he has really improved and grown as a musician. He has a raspy voice. Keith and Jennifer send him through. Harry still isn't impressed.

Cody Fry - 24 - IL
Another WGWG. This guy has tons of experience. He has already been touring. Dad is a composer and Cody sang the kids parts in jingles when he was a kid. We get a very folksy version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." The judges love him.

Hector Montenegro - 24 - FL
A singing male cosmetologist who also plays guitar. He actually isn't half bad on "Too Close" by Alex Clare. yes x 3

Sarina-Joi Crowe - 19 - TN
This is her fourth time to audition. She gives us some "Love Runs Out" and the judges are happy. She is better than last year.

Alison Peratikos - 19 - NY
We just get a quick glimpse. I didn't catch the song.

Jake Black - 26 - Murfreesboro, TN
Another short clip. He's playing guitar with an Ed Sheeran song. Kind of a beatbox kind of thing.

Steffi Leddbetter - 20 - AL
The third in a set of quick clips. I'm not sure what she sang.

And last, but not least, for the Nashville auditions, returning from season 13, the guy that I thought was robbed:
Savion Wright - 22 - Jasper, TX
He plays a song from his idol, Eric Clapton, "Change The World" and he is even better than last season. Savion's confidence and talent have grown. The judges only hand out compliments, but Savion asks what he should work on before Hollywood. Nice touch. Harry tells him some technical harmony chords on guitar. I can't wait to see how he does in Hollywood.

Finally, time for some KC stuff.

Zack Kaltenbach - 22 - Lee's Summit, MO
We have a lot of story but not a lot of pizzazz in the performance of "Grenade." He promises he will work hard and since he has a good "presence" Keith and JLo give him a chance. Oh well, someone has to go home during Hollywood week.

Naomi Tatsuoka - 24 - Portland, OR
She is a strange chick, always messing with her glasses. She starts kneeling on the floor for "Someone Like You" and makes the whole thing overly dramatic.  Harry tells her she threw in everything, including the kitchen sink. And somehow the judges put her through to Hollywood.

Jhameel - 24 - Oakland, CA
The back story warns us that Jhameel is Pre-OCD and he paints his face and does things to keep his symmetry. He brought each judge a different origami piece he made. He plays guitar and performs T-Pain's "Buy You A Drink."  He's not terrible and since the judges seem to like quirky this year, he is going to Hollywood. He won't last the first day in the chaos of Hollywood week.

Lovey James - 16 - Portland, OR
She performs "Break Free" and is good. She has a very 16 yr old girl voice. I would say Hollywood week would eat her alive, but the back story says she has been competitively dancing for years, so this shouldn't be a shock to her.

Jess Lamb - 28 - Cincinnati, OH
Jess is a very quirky chick who looks like she could be regularly performing here in Austin, Tx at any number of clubs. She has great piano skills and a good voice. She gives us a great original version of "Ain't No Sunshine" and then after she gets to play piano with Harry. She is truly blown away by this opportunity. I hope she can survive the craziness of Hollywood. This gal has talent.